Next to the cultivated part begins a stretch of unspoiled nature, partly still wild, but well preserved. Next to the oxbows created by the changes in the course of the river, it is possible to observe flora and fauna in their most authentic forms. One may bump into pheasants, hares, rabbits, badgers, and foxes since this area is protected and intended for restocking supplies of game.


Along the course of the river, the woods are willingly preserved in their natural state and with due respect for the ecosystem and for biodiversity.


Many routes have been created for the guests, which can be observed on the paper maps that will be made available to the clients that will stay at the facility. The guests will be accompanied by qualified staff during the organized visits in the most suggestive places.


During their free time, guests will have the opportunity to take walks and bicycling in close contact with nature, looking for perfumes and landscapes forgotten due to the frenetic city life. Moreover, it will be possible to take a walk inside the 840 meters ring and in the 1000 meters sand-bottomed straight raceways where in the past famous trotting horses trained.