Progetto Islander


Tenuta Il Cigno hosts in its facility the animals of the “Progetto Islander”, a non-profit association that takes care of the recovering, rehabilitating and of the eventual fostering of equids (horses, ponies, asses, hinnies) that were seized following mistreatment. The association also takes care of organizing meetings and events that are meant to spread the horse culture for its wellbeing and its proper management, respecting the natural principles that regulate its life. “Progetto Islander” cooperates with the Law enforcement agencies responsible for animal protection, from whom it is nominated guardian of the seized animals.


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In freedom

In Tenuta Il Cigno, animals live freely in wide paddocks with comfortable huts. As a historical ranch of horses, “Il Cigno” has maintained its original facilities unchanged – stables, paddocks, farming tracks – that have hosted in the past years some of the great trotting champions and that are today made available to less fortunate horses and other equids in order to give them a more peaceful life. Once the animals recover physically and psychologically, they can be given to a foster family according to the norms set out by the “Progettto Islander”.